Starting up this web site I knew I needed business cards and first looked at a couple options outside the area.  I quickly realized that I could not do a blog and web site promoting locally owned businesses and go outside of town for my business cards! 

Not yet knowing any local printers, I asked around with people I know and got very strong recommendations for Steve the Printer.  All I can say is I see why.

I have never gotten such professional printing service, with such speed or such a reasonable price.  Steve Smallwood the owner and his in house graphic artist really go out of their way to treat people fairly.  Actually from my experience I’d say they treat people exceptionally.
It shows as well from how busy they are.  Even so they can get a job done, and done well.  If you have printing needs from business cards, to brochures, books, and more, give Steve a call.  I believe you will find very good service, pricing, and a finished product that will really make you look good.

Owner, Steve Smallwood

109 Milan Ave. East
Venice, FL 34285
Mon – Fri 8AM - 5PM



kelly carrington
05/28/2010 9:51am

that's cause my dad taught steve everything he knows but not everything my dad knows. some things steve will just have to figure out on his own. steve's still got a long way to go!!1

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