Georgene is a passionate professional with over 20 years experience in the mortgage business.   She loved helping 1st time buyers achieve homeownership. And refinanced their homes to reduce mortgage rates.

But as time went on, she began getting more and more inquiries from mature adults requesting a refinance of their homes.  After interviewing them, it was often a sad task of having to explain that their income wasn’t sufficient to borrower the money they very much needed. 

Some still had mortgages that were taken out during peak earning years, but with their current income of social security and sometimes a pension, they just didn’t qualify for more. Some could barely pay what they owed. Some were forced to sell and move from their homes. Others had to move in with children.   

Georgene had heard about Reverse Mortgages. But, like many others, she was skeptical.  "I was raised to think if something was too good to be true, it probably was.”  She says, “But I and other loan officers were increasingly receiving more requests for information.  I thought perhaps I had  better take a closer look . And Boy was I amazed and embarrassed. Everything I thought I knew, was incorrect.  I had the same misconceptions and believed the same myths as some of the misinformed people I spoke with. And that included other professionals!"

She now says with confidence that “this is one of the safest financial vehicles of all.”  It literally took an Act of Congress, in 1987 to pass the FHA insurance bill. It is  regulated and overseen by HUD. It is the only mortgage that allows you to borrow money, in whatever way you choose, use it for whatever need you have, and to pay it back when you move, or through your estate. The end date is when you reach age 150.  It truly is money for life.  And YES, the house stays in your name. You bought it, you pay for it. you own it!

What she learned about reverse mortgages and how she saw it change the lives of so many, made such an impact on her that she now is a strong proponent of it.  Georgene was Hired by Wells Fargo to educate as well as facilitate the Reverse Mortgage. "It's a powerful tool that can help people reduce the financial stress in their lives, and thus enjoy life more " Rivers said.  Do you have doubts and questions about Florida Reverse Mortgage?  Georgene can help  put your mind at ease.  "Knowledge is Power".

If you are age 62 and up in the Venice, Englewood, or Sarasota Florida area contact Georgene to educate yourself more on the benefits of a Florida Reverse Mortgage.  Learn from a professional who cares if it could be a safe and effective solution to help you enjoy your golden years more.  Get the help you need from a caring and gracious lady who will personally guide you through the process.

Georgene Rivers
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
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