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Debbi Walters is a local graphic design artist.  Debbi please tell us a bit about your business.

Calypso Graphics, is a graphic design studio helping businesses and individuals create professionally  designed and printed materials at affordable prices.

With the advent of the home computer, people have turned to the bundled software to create their invitations, flyers, business cards, newsletters and the like. Often, the results are a disservice to the business by not presenting a professional image to their prospective customers.
You've heard of Virtual Assistants? Calypso Graphics wants to be your virtual Graphic Design Department! [chuckle]. With many companies streamlining their staff, the task of design and marketing materials often falls to their most computer savvy person. Not schooled in the graphic arts, they can actually cost a company in more than just money.

In this economic climate, customers lean towards a business that projects professionalism and confidence over a "homespun" production. My mission is to create quality marketing and presentation materials, giving businesses a polished identity that will set their business apart from others in their competitive market.

If they are serious about their business, if they believe their business offers something special over their competitors, I believe their presentation materials should reflect their convictions. Calypso Graphics is here to help them do that!

What is the most important thing that you want people in Venice to know about your business?

Calypso Graphics is more than an "order taker" for design projects.  By building long term relationships with my clients, I learn about their business, and then translate their vision into a unique identity which helps them stand apart from their competitors. This Energy is the fuel for my Creativity. An "order taker" simply does not offer that level of interest, or include this dimension into their Customer Service.

I specialize in small quantities and offer fast turn around. Customer Service to me, is more than making sure there is satisfaction with the end result. I go the extra mile by taking a deeper interest in my customers. The success of my studio is enhanced by the success of my customers. Networking is a bit of "lagniappe" that goes along with doing business with me!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your life in our community?

I moved from the Keys to the Venice area over 20 years ago, and worked in the graphics departments of local businesses. As my skills were honed, I was tapped for an Art Director position in a Sarasota based international marketing company. During my tenure, I developed strong relationships with local graphic and printing vendors that continue to this day.

Living in paradise offers some unique opportunities not afforded in other locales. I was introduced to Scuba diving by my brother, on leave from the US Coast Guard. A 15 minute experience was all I needed to "dive" into this new adventure. Taking classes from a local dive shop, I set my sights on becoming an Instructor. My goal achieved, my name appears at the bottom of 10 years worth of student C-Cards! It's a thrill to run into them on The Avenue, on a charter or at the beach!

Last, in your view why should people in Venice support not just yours, but any locally owned businesses first?

Supporting our local economy is paramount to making the Suncoast remain a vibrant community.  Patronizing local merchants and keeping our dollars here, allow our hard earned dollars to continue to circulate at the local level such as the movie theatre, ice cream store and all our other locally owned businesses. In turn, they provide employment and services for our residents. Instead of leaving our money in another county's coffers, let's actively support or local merchants.

On a professional note, I have forged strong alliances with local vendors. If I can't do business in Venice, I look to Sarasota County. If I am unsuccessful at the county level, I have sources in the state of Florida. Rarely will I utilize a vendor outside our state, and under no circumstances will I send my business outside our country. Many people do not realize that internet printing providers are actually based and headquartered outside the US (often in Canada and the Caribbean). Sometimes I hear "Oh, I can get it cheaper on the internet." I smile and say "I am sure you can, but did you know your are sending your money outside the US? How many other people have used that very same template you want to use to represent their business? Who do you call if there is an issue with your order? Do they provide personal attention, like I do?" Cheaper? Yes. Cost effective? Probably not. The old addage "You get what you pay for" cannot be more appropriately applied.

My studio's foundation is built on the 3 C's: Creativity, Customer Satisfaction and Competitive Pricing. My customers are my friends and neighbors, and come to me through word of mouth referrals. A healthy local economy keeps our corner of paradise sunny and thriving.

Bring us your ideas, we'll bring them to life!

Providing Professional Quality, Creative Solutions and Personal Attention for your design needs.

Visit the website at, contact the studio via e-mail or at 408.0630

Thank you Debbi for your time and telling our readers a bit about you and your business.  To talk to Debbi about your graphic design needs her contact information is provided below.

Business: Calypso Graphics

Owner: Debbi Walters

Business Type: Graphic Design

Hours: M-F 9-5; Always available on e-mail!

Street Address: Home Based

City/ST/Zip: Venice, FL 34293

Phone# 941-408-0630

Fax# 941-408-0590


Web Site:


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